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Aluminum EMaxx Chassis - VMaxx
Manufacturer: RC Monster
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Introducing the RC-Monster "V-Maxx" chassis for the Traxxas Emaxx monster trucks.  As the first offering for our "Victory" series, the goal was to put as much Value and Versatility into the chassis as possible. Looks, durability and compatibility were driving forces for this chassis.


In stock and ready for shipment!


Main chassis is cnc machined from 1/4" 6061 billet aluminum. The machined plastic battery trays locate the battery packs below the top deck - maximum total ground clearance is achieved, while center of gravity is significantly lower than stock. The battery trays secure to the chassis using 4 M4 screws in each tray - solid setup. This also allows for custom battery tray configurations, such as standing the packs up and moving them in towards the center. The packs are secured using a 20" strap through the tray holding the pack along its length. Several cutouts allow use of the strap to position the pack forward or rearward, as well as take up extra strap length if using smaller packs. The tray pockets are approximately 49mm wide and 176.5mm long, allowing use of a wide variety of packs. 
ESC can be located in multiple locations - near the rear like stock, slightly forward of the stock location(closer to tranny), and in the stock rx box location(this may be ideal for center diff installs, for example, or ERevo style motor mounting.). 
Nearly identical to the stock chassis weight with all like components installed(battery holders on stock chassis, trays, screws and straps on V-Maxx chassis) - the Cg is very significantly lower, so handling will be notably improved, while retaining high center ground clearance and the legendary Maxx personality - this chassis retains the Monster Truck attitude, while improving durability, handling, looks and pure style!
Stock length -  chassis braces included with the chassis.
Components are positioned in their stock locations, allowing a direct, trouble free swap. If you have center cvds already, they still work. Servos will drop in directly, along with everything else(2 speed kit excluded presently - if we get enough requests, we should be able to make a 2 speed install kit). The stock body will be a direct fit without modifications.
Removable transmission mounts - the separate, bolt-in tranny mounts locate the transmission in its stock location, allowing use of the stock center skid, stock center sliders or center cvds(anything designed for stock chassis will fit). Removal of mounts allows plenty of room for a center diff (up to around 52 tooth depending on placement) - Add our Universal diff/motor mount, Slipperential and V-Maxx center skid for bolt-on performance.
Don't forget our Maxx Shock Towers - a perfect complement to this item!
This item is not eligible for Flat Rate shipping.
Price: $150.00
197.43 CAD | 115.73 GBP | 134.40 EUR
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Tekin Hotwire Interface


  This is the Team Tekin Hotwire Interface.
           This allows you to set your ESC up through a PC interface

FEATURES: The HotWire PC Interface unlocks the full potential of your
           Speed Control. Use the HotWire to connect your Speed
          Control to your PC or laptop and you can leverage the
           processing power of your computer to fine tune the
           performance characteristics of your Speed Control.
          The HotWire also gives access to custom user settings
           that are not available through the Speed Control's on-board
           interface and lets you network with other users to share
           tweaks, tuning tricks and entire track/condition specific
           profiles. Best of all the HotWire lets you download
           completely new software as it is developed and upload
           it to your Speed Control -- you get unrestricted access
           to upgrade your Speed Control to Tekin's latest and newest
           performance mods!

INCLUDES: One Tekin Hotwire Interface
          One Installation Disk
          One Instruction Manual
          One USB Cable


Price: $31.99
42.11 CAD | 24.68 GBP | 28.66 EUR
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Baja Wheel adapters for Traxxas X-Maxx


Flanged wheel hex sized to fit the HPI Baja and similar 1/5 wheels onto the Traxxas X-Maxx truck. CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum for strength and precision. Integrated 17mm hex, threaded through and serrated for superior strength and holding power, and an extended boss to fit and locate the inside of standard 1/5 wheels to the 17mm X-Maxx axle. Design also works perfectly on stock wheels, adding style and holding power. 

Listing includes 1 complete set of 4 hex adapters. 

Price: $28.00
36.85 CAD | 21.60 GBP | 25.09 EUR
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Alloy Rear Upper Arm (L+R) for Revo


Alloy Rear Upper Arm (L+R) for Revo
Price: $24.99
32.89 CAD | 19.28 GBP | 22.39 EUR
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Golden Horizons Alum Front Rocker Arms 90T Silver Revo


Replace the stock plastic rocker arms on your Traxxas Revo with these good looking Aluminum Front Rocker Arms from Golden Horizons.
Price: $18.50
24.35 CAD | 14.27 GBP | 16.58 EUR
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Traxxas Forward Only Conversion Kit Revo


Traxxas Forward Only Conversion Kit Revo

Price: $11.59
15.25 CAD | 8.94 GBP | 10.38 EUR
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Traxxas Shaft Output E-Maxx


This is the Replacement Output Shaft for the Traxxas E-Maxx Truck.
Price: $7.49
9.86 CAD | 5.78 GBP | 6.71 EUR
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Traxxas Gear Set 2-Speed Close Ratio Revo


This is a Two-Speed Close Ratio Gear Set for the Traxxas Revo transmission
Price: $7.19
9.46 CAD | 5.55 GBP | 6.44 EUR
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Dean's Female Ultra Plug (4)


4 female Dean's Ultra plugs.

Price: $5.69
7.49 CAD | 4.39 GBP | 5.10 EUR
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Traxxas Slipper Press Plate/Differential


Traxxas Slipper Press Plate/Differential
Price: $4.99
6.57 CAD | 3.85 GBP | 4.47 EUR
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Associated Silicone Shock Oil


Associated Silicone Shock Oil
Available in the following weights: 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.
Price: $3.99
5.25 CAD | 3.08 GBP | 3.58 EUR
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32 pitch, 1/8" bore pinions
Robinson Racing alloy steel pinions. These pinions are the standard e-maxx 32 pitch size. Will work with any 32 pitch spur gear on a standard motor shaft (1/8" or 3.17mm).
Price: $3.50
4.61 CAD | 2.70 GBP | 3.14 EUR
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Dean's Ultra Plug


Includes a male connector, female connector and heatshrink. Low resistance plug used for building battery packs. remove the stock plugs and replace them with these for more power!

Price: $2.99
3.94 CAD | 2.31 GBP | 2.68 EUR
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3.5mm Gold plugs


These are the needed Gold plugs for plugging in the Lehner motors. "1" item includes 3 male and 3 female plugs.

Price: $2.75
3.62 CAD | 2.12 GBP | 2.46 EUR
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