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Slipperential™ 1/8  Center Slipper Diff (patented)
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 Are you ready to transform your brushless buggy or truggy to the next level of drivability, durability and tuning ability? Wait no more -the RC-Monster  Slipperential ™ 1/8 center slipper diff(Patent 8,1672,791) is ready to take you there!

 What is a Slipperential™ you say? It is just what it sounds like - a 1/8 center differential with an integrated slipper clutch .

If you’re a serious racer, or simply wish to decrease your chances of motor failure and improve the overall drivability of your electric 1/8 vehicle, then consider putting the Slipperential™ at the top of your  "must have" list of upgrades.

The unit is a "drop in" upgrade for Mugen, Losi, AE, XRay and similarly sized diff compartments on buggies and truggies. The aforementioned diffs are among the smallest on the market today, so the Slipperential can be shimmed into larger openings on many other vehicles.

Includes - instruction sheet  and all parts required to build one complete Slipperential™  1/8 center slipper diff(including our new super hard diff outdrives). User will need 8mm inside diameter bearings specific to their application(8x16x5 most common), as well as silicone diff fluid of choice, to complete assembly.

Options -

Hardened steel 46t Mod1 spur  gear is standard - Optional spur gears: 58 tooth cnc machined hardened steel mod .8 , 46t cnc machined mod1 hardened steel and 52t cnc machined hardened steel mod1.


Please visit our forums for the latest Slipperential™ discussion and application information:


Special thanks to Design Engineer Paul Cadima for making this project possible.


Price: $119.99
157.93 CAD | 92.57 GBP | 107.51 EUR
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Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff - Threaded Diff Cup


Replacement threaded Diff Cup for Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff.

Price: $29.99
39.47 CAD | 23.14 GBP | 26.87 EUR
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Single Speed Conversion
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Single Speed kit. Designed to be a direct bolt on conversion for Kyosho InfernoGT and GT2, Ofna DM1 and GTP and GTPe cars. Unit is rprecision machined to 6mm or 8mm and installs directly onto stock 2 speed shaft(must remove 2 speed components) or replaces stock single speed adapter.  Includes Aluminum cnc machined adapter and spur gear(Delrin cnc machined  32t/40t/46t mod1 or Traxxas Revo spur gears available).

8mm versions fit Ofna DM1 and ultra series, including the Dirt Oval and GTP road car. 6mm versions fit Kyosho.

Note - The Revo spur adapter is different than the 40t/46t mod1 spur adapter, which is different than the 32t mod1 spur adapter(all 3 adapters are shown in the picture). We do not include the spur gear with the Revo-style adapters.

If converting a car with a center differential, you will need our spool shaft to install this item.

Price: $25.00
32.91 CAD | 19.29 GBP | 22.40 EUR
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Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Slipper Diff Spur Gear


Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff  Spur Gear replacement. More options will be added as they are developed.

Price: $21.99
28.94 CAD | 16.97 GBP | 19.70 EUR
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Losi Ten T Conversion Spur Gear


Spare Delrin spur gear for RC-Monster converted Losi Ten T

40T mod1 gear machined to match Losi ten t center diff(stock replacement). 

Price: $19.99
26.31 CAD | 15.42 GBP | 17.91 EUR
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Delrin CNC machined Spur gear - RC-Monster Single Speed


CNC machined Delrin spur gear. Replacement Spur gear for RC-Monster single speed adapter.

Price: $19.99
26.31 CAD | 15.42 GBP | 17.91 EUR
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Slipperential™ 1/8 diff - Diff Rebuild Kit


Includes diff bevel shafts, o-rings, spider gears, crown gears, and gaskets required to rebuild the diff in our Slipperential™ 1/8 center diff.

Price: $19.99
26.31 CAD | 15.42 GBP | 17.91 EUR
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Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff - Diff Outdrives


 *NEW* Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff Outdrives.  Includes 2 ( Enough for 1 complete Diff ) premium hardened steel, precision ground differential out drives. 

Price: $15.99
21.05 CAD | 12.34 GBP | 14.33 EUR
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Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff - Large Diff Cap


Large Diff Cap for Slipperential™  1/8 Center Diff used for slipper side. NEW DESIGN allows use of most other manufacturers diff out drives.

Price: $14.99
19.73 CAD | 11.56 GBP | 13.43 EUR
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8mm Bore Hardened steel mod 1.5 Pinion
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Hardened Steel 1.5 Module pinion gears with 8mm bore. Gears are 20mm total length, with 13mm tooth width. Made from hardened steel for optimal wear characteristics and extreme power capability.

Check our site for bore reducers to allow these gears to be used on motors with smaller shafts(coming soon).

Price: $12.99
17.10 CAD | 10.02 GBP | 11.64 EUR
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2 Speed pinion adapter 5mm bore
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2 speed adapter for 5mm shaft motors allows mounting of our own range of gears onto a 5mm electric motor shaft. Perfect for 2 speed on road conversions or LST/Aftershock conversions. Our 1st and 2nd speed gears will accomodate most 2 speeds.

Price: $12.00
15.79 CAD | 9.26 GBP | 10.75 EUR
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RC-Monster 2 speed 1st gear


1st speed for RC-Monster 2 speed adapter and Losi LST2 threaded clutch bells.

Price: $12.00
15.79 CAD | 9.26 GBP | 10.75 EUR
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Rc-Monster 2 speed 2nd gear


2nd speed for RC-Monster 2 speed adapter and Losi LST2 threaded clutch bells.

Price: $12.00
15.79 CAD | 9.26 GBP | 10.75 EUR
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Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff - Small Diff Cap


Small Diff Cap (opposite spur gear side) for Slipperential™ 1/8 Center Diff .

Price: $9.99
13.15 CAD | 7.71 GBP | 8.95 EUR
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