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MGM Black Box BB_03


Measuring recorder Black Box BB_03 is an outstanding and unique system which is priceless and irreplaceable for optimal setting of your power unit and for an overall optimal drive setting (including batteries, controller, motor and propeller).

BB_03 cooperates very closely with speed controllers of range Z-series from which it obtains whole range of measured data. Part of the measured data is acquired using its own measuring unit. Thanks to this cooperation BB_03 is very small, light (> 6 grams) and also cheap.

It measures and saves all important data of your drive (batteries - controller - motor - propeller) during flight, thus real values in operation, not static values measured on a test bench. This allows the user not only to optimize the power unit but also to determine mutual dependencies such as dependence of current on propeller, efficiency of drive on propeller, efficiency of timing, real power consumption of the drive, power consumption depending on type of cells (their hardness), etc.

It is a powerful device for determining the real load of BEC during operation of the model (it is the end of absurd evaluations with 300% error leading to destruction of BEC or the model).

After the flight the saved data are transferred to PC using USBCOM module, where they can be evaluated. Data are represented in graphs, as well as in excel tables which may be further processed.

Technical data
Dimensions 30×26×4 mm 1.181×1.024×0.158 in
Weight 3.3 g 0.106 oz
Weight with connection cables and sensors < 6 g < 0.193 oz
Current drawn during measuring and saving 12 mA
Operation temperature 0°C to 40°C
Resolution 8 and 10 bits
Length of recording 16 minutes
Saving period 0.1 sec
Fed from and cooperation with "Z-series" controllers


    BB_03 together with controllers of range Z-series measures and saves each 100ms these values:
  • voltage of the feeding (main) battery
  • voltage of feeding battery under load (in current pulses)
  • current drawn from the feeding battery
  • voltage of BEC
  • current of BEC
  • motor revolutions
  • throttle stick position
  • temperature of the controller
  • temperature of batteries, motor, … (external sensor)
  • any receiver channel (or event marking)
  • external voltage (5V) with an additional resistor 24kW, voltage 25V with different resistor or more
    Other features:
  • accidental overwriting of saved data protection
  • length of recording more than 16 minutes
  • very small and light
  • fed from controller
  • communication with PC using USBCOM module
    Measurement of the following data are carried out by the controller, the other ones are measured by BB_03 itself and all data are processed in BB_03:
  • voltage of the feeding battery
  • voltage of feeding battery under load (in current pulses)
  • voltage of BEC
  • current of BEC
  • motor revolutions
  • throttle stick position
  • temperature of the controller

The BB_03 is connected with the controller using multicore cable CC_01 with micro connectors. The cable provides the BB_03 feeding, as well as communication between BB_03 and the controller.

The measuring and data saving process start when the motor starts to rotate after switch on or when marking signal > 1.65 ms. If you do not wish to use the marking feature, connect this measuring wire with ground (minus pole of the feeding cells). It is also possible to use this wire for tracking and recording of any receiver channel.

The current of the feeding batteries is taken on the resistor of the ground wire of the controller. This measuring method, even though less accurate than the use of accurate sensing resistor, is not only cheaper, but more significantly it does not bring any additional (unwanted) resistor in the circuit. Another great advantage is that the value of the measured current is not limited (e.g. by the sensing resistor, its allowed load, ADC range, etc.) thus it is possible to measure current of 250A or even more.


    The package includes:
  • The measuring unit BB_03
  • Connection cable controller - BB (CC_01)
  • Cable for connection to USBCOM (CC_02)
  • Measuring cable includes:
    • External temperature sensor
    • External voltage conductor
    • Marking conductor
    • Conductors of batteries current (current sensing)
  • Resistor 24kW for extending the measuring range of the "ext. voltage"
  • SW for PC
  • Instructions for connecting and use of BB_03
  • Instructions for installation and use of SW for PC
Price: $25.00
32.60 CAD | 19.07 GBP | 22.39 EUR
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MGM usbCom+


These modules are designed for communication of controllers MGM compro and some other devices (such as chargers, balancers etc.), with PC equipped with Operating systems Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Price: $20.00
26.08 CAD | 15.25 GBP | 17.91 EUR
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MGM Connection Cable 2


Connection Cable CC_02:

Provides to connect controllers of range EXPERT+ and Z-series with USBCOM, USBCOM+ and also controllers of range Expert LT, EXPERT+ and Z-series with programming card UNICARD.

Price: $5.00
6.52 CAD | 3.81 GBP | 4.48 EUR
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Connection Cable CC_03 - software update cable


In connection with USBCOM++ provides SW updates through internet in MGM compro controllers and also provides to connect chargers AQCB - xxx with USBCOM++ and also CM_3 module with USBCOM++.

Price: $5.00
6.52 CAD | 3.81 GBP | 4.48 EUR
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