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mjderstine 07.27.2010 11:11 PM

Mp 7.5 sc
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hey guys, been wanting to start this for a long time. so here we go.

Twin force rear axle with MP 7.5 diff narrowed to 12.5"
chassis will be custom cut to length.
vertical plate will be cut from 4mm black or 4.5mm red CF

take a look at the google sketch-up for my ideas so far. took me a better part of an hour to get this going.
for those of you who use sketch up i can send you the file just send me a pm.

will have either tekin 1/8th or MMM system.
trick will be mounting the batts.

real pics coming when i find my darn memory card...

mjderstine 07.28.2010 11:18 PM

here are couple more shots with some more work done...
i think this will be the best place for the motor, as i dont really see a good way to mount it lower on the chassis yet.





mjderstine 07.31.2010 02:45 AM

some more design pics.






mjderstine 08.01.2010 04:50 PM

its a little more shiny now :)


mjderstine 08.02.2010 09:27 AM

so figured out the pacing a little. reverse the chassis will give me plenty of room up-front.





mjderstine 08.03.2010 12:20 AM

slow going... need to buy some parts for the links. gonna get some STRR upper arms for the links. the added length should more than cover the distance. the links in the pics are from the buggy, and there is only about 1/8" threaded in for pictures' sake.
the wheelbase is just about 13" right now. but will be adjustable with the link system.

hard part will be cutting the CF... with hand tools.

does anyone know someone who has the capability. seriously, ill pay for the work, supply templates, all that jazz.





TexasSP 08.05.2010 11:50 AM

Nice project, looking forward to see how it turns out.

snellemin 08.05.2010 02:29 PM


mjderstine 10.05.2010 10:46 PM

here's my update... (sorry bout the pic quality)

well here are some updated pics.

took some 3mm carbon and made some pieces for the lower link mounts. also got the knuckles locked. they will look cleaner when its ready to drive, its all text fit for now.
i plan to use some kyosho ST upper rear arms for the links. they are quite a bit longer, and pretty much beef.
also got an idea for the shock mounts on the turnbuckle part of the lower links. i will have to get that up here in the next few days as well.
still workin on the sides of this thing. i have the carbon. and been thinkin about just getting a rotozip to make my own. i have had a few suggestions from people who could cut it for me, but i am affraid of getting the measurements a bit off i guess.

anyway: onto the pics. (with my blackberry) i know im lame








mjderstine 10.05.2010 10:47 PM

here are some better pics, got the memory card issue sorted out.







mjderstine 10.06.2010 08:55 PM

made one cut and a little drawing. i think this could be a good shape for the vertical plate.
there will be a "table" so to speak about half way up where you can see the dotted lines on the drawing. this will be where the ESC will go, it wil also make the CF side much stronger.
those things will be used to mount the table and also to mount the vertical paltes to the chassis. i'll buy a couple sets of them.




genitor 10.06.2010 10:06 PM

Interesting build. I'm thinking about doing the same thing to a 1/10 scale.
What body will you be putting on it?

mjderstine 10.06.2010 10:13 PM

probably something form proline. whatever fits really. i'll probably be looking for someone's old basher body to do some test fitting.

Kcaz25 10.07.2010 12:14 AM

Saweet! I hope torque steer isn't a problem.

mjderstine 10.07.2010 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by Kcaz25 (Post 383041)
Saweet! I hope torque steer isn't a problem.

hmmm. maybe the 4wd will help some with that.

i am also planning a large torsion bar in the rear just like the full scale trucks.

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