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captain harlock 04.28.2016 01:45 PM

V-Maxx Chassis and Other things
I decided to get Mike'sV-Maxx chassis along with the center skid, the UCD and the 50mm V-Stretch. The problem is that I don't know what length the front and rear drive shafts are supposed to be like? Not to mention that I also need another rear drive shaft to use with the UE monoblock.....

Any ideas?

I don't know which sub- forum I should go to when discussing the RC-Monster parts, so I decided to post the thread in the slipperential forum...if its the wrong place, please advise. :)

RC-Monster Mike 04.29.2016 01:42 PM

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer, as our center skid has 2 possible positions, along with the ability to slide forward and back in each position. This is to allow various diffs to be used, as well as to optimize front/rear weight balance with various motors and extension lengths. For the stock length V-Maxx without extensions, the Traxxas front center cvd can be used when positioning the center assembly in the front position, along with a 108-112mm bone for the rear. With the 50mm extension, you need around 160mm for the rear bone. 142-145mm for the rear bone should work for the 35mm or UE extension.

Kcaz25 04.29.2016 04:57 PM

What if there is no 160mm steel bone?

RC-Monster Mike 04.29.2016 05:35 PM

Then a custom length shaft would need to be made.

captain harlock 04.29.2016 06:25 PM

I found an HPI 142mm long, 8mm sized ball driveshaft for the Savage.....I think I saw it on your store Mike. Would it fit the UE diff cups (considering its 8mm ball size)? Then again, the slipperential's cups might be smaller than the driveshaft's ball...:/

captain harlock 04.29.2016 06:30 PM

Okay, found another thread that answered my questions. Sorry for the frequent stuff...:)

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