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Bombette - 09.22.2016, 02:09 PM

Decided to pick up a RR10 Bomber kit for my birthday. These seems to be a good basher, crawler and trail truck all in one so that sounds fun.

The kit is much nicer than the RTR since you typically get ride of all electronics anyways. Plus beefy 4mm links, front universals, HD diff gear, aluminum shock bits, stickier tires, etc all sound like needed upgrades anyway. So with a nice coupon code from Tower, it was delivered.

Well packaged inside the fancy box. Detailed instruction were easy enough to follow, making the build easy peezy

Night 1, only had a little time but was able to get both front and rear axles built.
Night 2, links and transmission/transfer case followed. Installed an old Tekin Gen1 17.5T for now.
Night 3, started on the cage and got it all together for the most part. Once i had it together, I thought to myself, "for having solid straight axles, these fronts sure have lots of negative camber". I then realized that I had the knuckles swapped...

Night 4, putting together the beadlocks and tires. Installed Axials hexes for now but I think I'll replace those with SLW hubs soon. Stock hubs seems to spin and break.

Day 5, a Saturday, I had plenty time to wrap up the build, install the electronics, and get it all together minus the body panels.

Castle MMP, Castle BEC, Holmes HV500 servo, Tekin 17.5 motor, Turnigy 3s. This servo is incredibly fast and strong!

Day 6, Sunday, was time for painting the body panels. I decided to try liquid mask for the first time. This stuff is pretty cool. I was anxious and didn't apply multiple thin coats but it still came out decent. There were a couple lines where I messed up and didn't get all of the mask off. Overall I'm happy with the results. She looks good from far but she's far from good.

Day 7, I painted the letters on the tires white. I dig the look.

My 2.5yr tried to add scale features...

(you can see where I wasn't so professional with the liquid mask here)

Tooks it out for some quick shakedown runs. Stock gear and the worn out 17.5T motor are slow top speed but accelerate QUICK. The overall gear reduction in the transmission, axles, and stock pinion/spur comes out to 30:1 so its not a speed demon but extremely torquey.

I decided to pick up a Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro 3500kv motor since I plan to stick with 3s in this truck. Should bring top speed up to 20mph with stock gear but have more torque, low speed control and run cooler. Should be installed shortly.

The stock Axial tire foams BLOW! At any speed, the foams just give way turning and basically let the wheel touch the ground. I ordered Crawler Innovations Deuces Wild foams to fix that. These are 1 piece closed cell foams so I should be good now and waterproof. These will be going in soon.

There are some biking trails not far from my house so I plan on making some trips out there shortly to give the girl a whirl. I'll be sure to take video and post pics.

N. Rustler conversion

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