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09.26.2016, 10:42 AM

It's definitely not a 40+ mph monster by any means but the 3s and 3500kv does get her moving around the 20mph which is plenty fast and torquey as hell. It is a little top heavy with a narrow track width so it will flip.

Differential Ratio: 2.92
Transmission Ratio: 1.94
Other Ratio: 1
Spur Tooth Count: 64
Pinion Tooth Count: 12
Total Voltage: 11.1
Motor KV: 3500
Tire Diameter (inches): 5.43
Tire Ballooning (inches): 0
Motor Current Draw: 0
Motor Coil Resistance: 0
Spur/Pinion Ratio: 5.33 : 1
Total Ratio: 30.21227 : 1
Tire Circumference (inches): 17.06 inches (433.29 mm)
Rollout: 0.56:1
Total Motor Speed: 38850 RPM
Vehicle Speed: 20.77 mph (33.37 km/h)
Effective KV Value: 3500
KT constant: 0.39 oz-in/A
Motor Torque: Amperage not specified...
Final Torque: Amperage not specified...
Final Power: Amperage not specified...

The white letter looked awesome, until the first run... Now not so much, except on the spare.

N. Rustler conversion
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