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09.29.2016, 05:16 PM

Not much crawling experience here.. yet. Always been more of a basher in the past but looking to getting my feet wet trailing/crawling with my Bomber. I want to start hitting some local trails to start exploring what's out there in ever so rocky South Louisiana. :lmao: So I found the biggest rocks I could find to start testing on and gave it a shot at lunch. Yes, landscaping boulders at a local gas station...

My question here is, should a stock kit Bomber be able to climb up the face of this rock? I spent a good half hour trying to get her up the rock with different angles and speeds but the rear tires end up digging under the lower ledge of the rock causing the front end to get light, teeter up and end up flipping over.

What should I look to change to get up on this rock or is this just a limitation of the truck and a challenging rock? If I can keep weight on the front tires, it should be able to pull the back up. I got close a couple times with some speed and bouncing it up.

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