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11.11.2016, 03:58 PM

Busted some stock Axial rod ends in the front so replaced the ends on the front 4 links with TRX Revo rod ends.

I picked up a Team AE 120mm light bar along with the Gear Head RC roof rack.

Finally got around to trying the Associated light bar. I grabbed a servo extension to plug into the receiver and left the female end hanging out the receiver box, so I can quick disconnect if I take the cage off the skid and not have to open the receiver box again. I plugged up the light bar just to try out before mounting and plugged in a 3s lipo. The light bar has a push button on/off switch, so I clicked it on and let there be light. The light bar looks pretty well made. Aluminum housing and brackets. However after a few seconds I smelled something electrical burning. I realized the connection where they splice in the on/off switch was smoking. So I unplugged everything and cut away at the melted heatshrink. The resistor(I'm guessing it is) is toasted. BEC is set at 7.4V so more than a typical receiver.

So, I guess I'll cut off the burnt part and just plug the lights in directly to see how it goes. Or should I return it to Amazon and get a better light bar? Or is there a better way to fix it?

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